Cloud 9 Advisory – 003 – Kids Safety Online

Today’s topic: Kids Safety Online

There is endless articles about teaching your children about the dangers of the internet.  This is not that type of article.  This is a simple lesson in controlling what your kids are allowed to access.


The Basics:

  • Many kids are very tech savoy and have ways around your standard internet filters and blockers.  Simple firewalls and built in parental controls are easily bypassed with VPNs and Proxy servers (these are things that kids teach each other for gaming and hiding social network access from parents).
  • Even simple searches on the web can bring up very explicit and inappropriate content.
  • Most children nowadays have more than one avenue to access the internet.  Computer (Mac or PC), Mobile Device, Laptops, etc.

My Recommendation:

  • K9 Web Protection or NetNanny.  These applications install on all  of your kids devices and will block, filter and log all of your kids online activities.  It will take a little time to setup and configure but will help keep your kids out of trouble.  These applications also have a password bypass so you can install them on the shared family computer  and still be able to bypass the filters easily and there are also others programs like the Alert Logic’s MDR platform which is great for this.  Just don’t lose that password or you will need us to rip it out!!

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Glen Rostant

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