How to use NinjaRMM Remote Access

In your email look for a new invite email from: titled NinjaRMM User Invitation

Open the email and press accept invitation and finish setting up your account. It must be opened in Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Cannot be opened in Internet Explorer. When it asks for Authentication Method I recommend choosing SMS(Texting) as that is the easier way. If you normally use an Authentication App like Authy, you can use that instead

Once you’re done you will get to your dashboard that looks like this. To access this page in the future, go to the following web portal:

Now you will get a popup in chrome that looks like this. You’ll want to click on that link that says Splashtop RMM for Windows(or mac)

This will start a download. Once done you should see it ready on the bottom of chrome

Click on it and it will start the installation. If it asks for permission, hit yes, and continue. Then let it finish installing. Should only take a few minutes, no user interaction required you’ll just see a window like this when it completes. Just press ok and it’s done

Once done go back to the Ninja webpage and press refresh and press the icon again, you should see the following this time. Check the box that says Always allow cloud9.rmmservice to open links of this type of associated app. Then Press Open Splashtop for RMM OOBE and it will open the remote session.

Once you have tested your remote session to make the website easy to access in the future you can do the following to add to your bookmarks bar or add as a shortcut to your desktop

  • Add to bookmark bar
  • if you press the star on the far right you can add the bookmark and name it whatever you would like
    • To add as a shortcut to your desktop do the following

Press the 3 dots on the top right of Chrome, go to more tools and press create shortcut

Press Create Shortcut
Call it what you would like and press create and this icon will be on your desktop

In the future the only steps needed are to go to the website from your shortcut and press the icon to open the remote session. The rest of the steps are one time only! Let us know if you have any issues